Everyone who has a right of which he can dispose of is competent to submit that right to arbitration. Generally, any dispute whatever of law or fact that can be compromised lawfully by way of accord or satisfaction may be referred to arbitration.
Whereas arbitration clauses appear often nowadays-in Government contracts with the private sector as well as in agency contracts and other agreements, Omani Arbitration Law No: 47/97 was therefore promulgated in order to regulate and codify this important area of the law.
Arbitration proceedings require particular care and attention especially that the said Arbitration Law does permit the parties to apply different procedures than that prescribed in the law itself. It is often the case that parties to an arbitration clause or agreement agree to apply the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. The Oman Arbitration Center was set up in 2018 by virtue of Sultan Decree No 26/2018
We are able to advise clients on the whole aspects and procedure involved local and international arbitrations up to conclusion and to represent clients before the arbitrators at the hearings. Our legal team is also competent to act and has acted as arbitrators in various arbitration claims.
Questions relating to who may be appointed as the arbitrator or umpire, nomination of the arbitrators, their appointment and removal by the Court, scope of authority of the arbitrators or umpire, restrictions on court proceedings as to matters referred, time limits for arbitration proceedings, interlocutory procedure and pleadings, hearings, law applicable to the reference, experts advice, interim award, costs, interest, and setting aside of award; are all important legal matters that are vital to the protection of clients’ interest.