Ahmed Al Sawai

Appellate Court Lawyer
Ahmed obtained his L.L.B in Law in 2010 from Philadelphia University in Jordan. He began his professional life as Accounting Clerk in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and then Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs Department, Directorate General of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Ash Sharqiyah Region. Thereafter, he was promoted to Head of Coordination and Follow Up Department of the Directorate of Agricultural Development in Wilayat Al Kamel & Al Wafi.
In the year 2010, Ahmed worked as Legal Researcher at the Directorate General of Agriculture in Ash Sharqiyah Region and thereafter as a Lawyer with said Directorate from the year 2011. During his tenure at the Ministry, Ahmed participated in preparing draft laws and executive regulations, participated in drafting statements, briefs, legal opinions and legal studies, as well as drafting and preparing contracts and agreements. Ahmed played an active role in preparing for court hearings before the criminal and civil courts, and has participated in the works of committees as well as the following up the execution of their decisions.
All over the past few years, he took several training courses that sharpened his legal skills, such as Modern Trends in Accounting and Auditing run by the Institute of Public Administration in Muscat in 2002, Developing Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills by the Institute of Public Administration in Muscat in 2003, and Introductory Course in Qualification of Arab Arbitrators run by the Arab Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration, Philadelphia University in 2008.