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About Us

Hamad Al-Sharji, Peter Mansour & Co Advocates, Legal Consultants & Arbitrators was established in 1998 by two eminent founding and distinguished members of the legal profession namely Hamad Bin Mohamed Al Sharji and Peter Mansour, who continue to date actively managing the firm.

Their devotion and dedication have taken the firm to a completely new level of excellence. The firm provides the best-in-country services providing legal solutions to its clients. Today Hamad Al- Sharji, Peter Mansour & Co is one of the biggest leading law firms in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Firm provides a comprehensive range of legal services for its wide variety of international and domestic corporate and governmental Clients as well as other entities. We seek to understand our clients' commercial contexts and specific needs so that we can offer them the right advice.

Practice Areas

  • Arbitration

    Everyone who has a right of which he can dispose of is competent to submit that right to arbitration. Generally, any dispute whatever of law or fact that can be compromised lawfully by way of accord or satisfaction may be referred to arbitration.

  • Building & Civil Engineering

    Much of the work in building and civil engineering activities is carried out in a contract system in which the employer, also variously called client or owner, resolves to carry out certain works, engages a consultant to design and supervise those works, and then employs a contractor to execute the works, in consideration of payments to be made at various stages during works progress.

  • Marine

    Claims arising out of ocean carriage of cargo are of vital importance to carriers who wish to defend against such claims and as to cargo made by owners and insurers who wish to recover damages from the carrier.

  • Insurance

    Insurance can only be evidenced in an instrument in writing. This is generally known as the insurance policy whereby the insurer promises in return for money consideration (premium) to pay to the other party (assured) a sum of money or provide him with some corresponding benefit, upon the occurrence of one or more specified events (the risk).

  • Employment

    Employers do occasionally end up being held liable to pay unexpected amounts of damages or compensation to employees because the terms of the contract of employment did not contain specific provisions outlining detailed duties and covenants on the part of the employee, or because certain mandatory procedure was not implemented.

  • Business Contracts

    Many businesses will often require business contracts that are specifically tailored for their needs and through which the clear objectives can be attained. Well drafted commercial agreements, in various fields such as petroleum, construction and many others, incorporating the best available terms will be of great important in protecting the interest of the business should any dispute or difference arise in matters relating to the implementation or interpretation of the contract in question.

  • Foreign Investment

    Investors seeking to establish business in Oman must consider their legal options and make full use of the incentives that are now offered to the private sector in various fields in the light of recent legislation in Oman in particular the new law on Foreign Capital Investment promulgated in Royal Decree No: 50/2019.

  • Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

    It is of great important that timely expert legal advice be obtained when a company goes into financial difficulties. We are able to provide expert legal solutions in such a time of difficulty and to bring about novel solutions and to carry them through under our supervision and continuous advice.

  • Income Tax on Companies, Commercial and Industrial Est.

    Commercial companies, business & industrial establishments as well as investors need to have appropriate knowledge and advice about important elements which directly affect their decisions in different commercial, economical and investment fields, one of which is taxation.
    • Hamad Al-Sharji

      Founding & Managing Partner, Supreme Court Lawyer

    • Peter Mansour

      Founding & Managing Partner, Supreme Court Lawyer

    • Edward Butler

      Partner, Head of Construction & Engineering

    • Ian Radford


    • El Khidir El Badri

      Partner - Supreme Court Lawyer

    • Amr Hanafy

      Senior Lawyer - Supreme Court

    • Samia Mansour

      Legal Consultant

    • Ahmed Al Sawai

      Appellate Court Lawyer

    • Maitha Al Maamari

      Appellate Court Lawyer

    • Rashid Al Zaidy

      Supreme Court Lawyer


      • On 20th March 2018, the Omani Lawyers Association awarded the Founding Partner Mr. Peter Mansour a trophy in recognition of his 30 years of service as a distinguished lawyer in the Sultanate of Oman.

      • Founding Partner Mr. Hamad Al Sharji was elected as the first President for the board of directors for Oman Arbitration Commercial Centre (OAC) from 2019 until 2021. OAC issued its first edition of Arbitration and Mediation Rules under his Presidency, which were widely adopted by many parties in arbitration.

      • HP is delighted to have sponsored Oman Arbitration Commercial Centre (OAC) at its first international conference on 31 March 2022, entitled "Arbitration and Mediation in Oman - Challenges and Opportunities." This conference was held at the Sheraton Oman Hotel on 31 March 2022, where our Partner Dr. Shehab Farouk made a presentation on "Virtual Arbitration Hearings – The New Era!! “

      • HP is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring Oman Arbitration Commercial Centre (OAC) in its upcoming event “Oman Commercial Arbitration Centre (OAC): “Sharpening the sword of efficiency in arbitration in the MENA region" which will be organized by OAC in association with the DIFC Courts- Dubai on 17 November 2022 in Dubai Arbitration Week (DAW). Our Partner Mr. Edward Butler will be speaking on the topic of The Practice of International Arbitration in the Sultanate of Oman.

      • The Founding Managing Partner Mr. Hamad Al Sharji will be hosted by Habib Al Mulla & Partners and Dr.Tarek Riad & Partners at The Dubai Arbitration Week on Thursday, 17 November 2022. This event will provide an update on the New Rules of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) and on best practices in document production in civil law jurisdictions.


      We are always seeking talented, ambitious individuals to become part of our family. If you are a legal specialist, lawyer, or graduate and want to learn, develop and make progress in your career journey, please let us know at careers@sharjimansour.com by attaching your updated resume and cover letter, and our HR team will be in touch with you.

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