Founder Profile : Hamed Al -Sharji

Having graduated in 1977 from Cairo University with L.L.B Degree in Law, Hamad Al Sharji arrived back to his country Oman and was offered in early 1978 the important post as the Head of the Secretariat of the Commercial Court in Muscat.  >> read more

Founder Profile : Peter Mansour

After graduating from Trent Nothingham University in England in 1980 with L.L.B Degree in Law with Honours, Peter Mansour returned to his country Jordan where he joined the chambers of an eminent lawyer in Amman, advocate Samir Jabaji, to do his professional training. >> read more

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Claims arising out of ocean carriage of cargo are of vital importance to carriers who wish to defend against such claims and ssto cargo, owners and insurers who wish to recover damages from the carrier. Consequently, a particular legal experience in this field as to how ocean cargo claims are prosecuted and defended including particular knowledge of available arguments and counter arguments to either party, and statutory limitation, is of great significance to importers, insurers, carriers and shipping agents alike.

The Omani Maritime Law No. 35/81, except for certain matters such as the limitation period and per package liability, follows very closely the provisions of the Hague Rules (the Brussels Convention of 1924). There are several Omani judgments relating to the implementation and interpretation of certain provisions of this law. A particular knowledge of these precedents and those made in Western countries is of value to legal practitioners who prosecute and defend marine claims, especially that to-day there is already some interchange and reliance by the Courts of one country on the decisions of another whose legislation is based on the Hague Rules such as the United States, Canada, England and France.

Our extensive experience in this specialized area of the law will assist our clients in protecting their interest and bringing about a favourable conclusion to matters being litigated and those that are still being considered or negotiated

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