Sayed Ahmed Said

Sayed Ahmed Said


Sayed obtained his BA in English Literature in year 2000 from the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University. Thereafter, he obtained Diploma of Education in 2004 and Diploma of Translation in 2006 from Cairo University. He had also training in translation at Middle East News Agency for six months. Currently, he is studying French at CFO, Sultanate of Oman and reached 9th level. He also received training in translation in Middle East News Agency for six months in year 2005.

He started his professional life as a Teacher in a State school and worked for one year from 2001 up to 2002. Thereafter, he moved to Sharm El-Sheikh where he worked in the field of tourism from 2002 up to 2004.

By the end of year 2004, he moved to Cairo while studying Diploma in Translation and worked as a Free-lance Translator for a number of offices of translation, including Akakus, Technical Translation Center and Raafat Hamam. Thereafter, he worked in 2006 for MITSECO office that obtained ISO Certificate in Translation and worked there for 4 years up to the beginning of year 2010.

Sayed came to the Sultanate of Oman in year 2010 where he worked for Pioneers Translation Office. By the end of the same year, he moved to Hamad Al Sharji, Peter Mansour & Co. (HP) and still in service to date.

While working for HP, Sayed translated judgments rendered by various stages of litigation, statements of cases, statements of defense, briefs and submissions. petitions, motions, requests for precautionary measures, powers of attorney, civil and commercial contracts … etc. He is also experienced in other fields of translation; including literary, press, commercial and general. In addition, he is able to translate consecutively at meetings. Moreover, he has a very good command of computer skills.

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