Peter Mansour

After graduating from Trent Nottingham University in England in 1980 with L.L.B Degree in Law with Honours, Peter Mansour returned to his home country of Jordan where he joined the chambers of an eminent lawyer in Amman, Advocate Samir Jabaji, to do his professional training. This provided him practical skills as well as a particular knowledge of Arab laws and litigation procedure before all courts. He subsequently practiced law in Bristol and in the City of London at Lincoln’s Inn. Peter Mansour is conversant with English laws and the laws of some other European countries as well as Arab laws.

In 1982, he was appointed the Resident Managing Legal Consultant of the Muscat branch of an international law firm of J. Nassir & Partners. He was able to develop and enlarge the practice and to enhance the standing of the branch as it became a leading law firm in Oman representing several major local and foreign entities.

In 1990, Peter Mansour left Oman to return to his country after being offered a partnership in the prestigious leading law firm of “Aziz, Fuad & Raja Shehadeh” established since 1936 in the city of Ramallah in Palestine. Through his excellent knowledge of Arab, English and other laws and legal concepts, as well as being fully conversant with both English and Arabic languages, coupled with his vast legal experience, he continued his outstanding performance and achievements in his own country, thus enhancing further the already high fame of the said law firm as a whole.

In late 1998, after the retirement of H.E. Hamad Al–Sharji from the Presidency of the Commercial Court, Peter Mansour returned to Muscat to join forces with H.E. by forming together a law partnership in Oman in mid 1998 known as “Hamad Al Sharji, Peter Mansur & Co., Advocates, Legal Consultants & Arbitrators (Law Partnership)” which is a civil law partnership registered in Oman under Lawyers Law No. 108/96.

This firm which is dynamic, friendly and enthusiastic is dedicated to providing to its clients a high standard of legal services and solutions utilizing the wide experience of its partners and the other highly experienced members of the firm. It provides a comprehensive range of legal services in all major fields.

Peter Mansur has acted as an arbitrator in several local and international arbitrations held in Oman, London, Dubai, Singapore and Seoul in South Korea including several arbitrations dealing with large construction disputes. He has also represented clients before all courts in Oman and as an Advocate before arbitral tribunals in multi million US Dollars commercial and engineering disputes.

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