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Profile of Raafat Fawzy Abdel Aziz Ahmad

Date of Birth: 4/11/169  
Nationality: Egyptian  
GSM: +96899660647
Job: A Lawyer before the Supreme Court  


  1. Faculty of Law, Alexandria University, 1991, Good, Egypt.


  1. (From 21st September 2004 and up to date ) I have been working as a Court of Appeal lawyer at Hamad Al Sharji, Peter Mansour & Co.
  2. (January 2002 – 31st August 2004) I worked as a lawyer at Jumaa Al Hashmi, Advocates & Legal Consultants, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
  3. (January 2001 – December 2001) I worked as a lawyer in Kuwait.
  4. (June 1997 – 1st August 2000) I worked Head of Administrative and Legal Affairs Department, Haydlina Developed Medical Industries Co., Egypt.
  5. (17th February 1996 – 30th May 1997) I worked at Administrative Legal Affairs Department, Haydlina Developed Medical Industries Co., Egypt.
  6. (1993 – January 1996) I worked I worked in Yanbu' Al Bahar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  7. (1991 - 1993) I worked as a lawyer in Egypt.

Fields of Practice as a Lawyer:

  1. Attending before the Primary Court, Courts of Appeal in all fields of cases in Egypt and Oman. 
  2. Preparing statements of cases of various kinds; commercial, shari'a, civil, criminal, labour, in addition to preparing Statements of Appeal to the Supreme Court, along with verbal pleadings before all courts; Primary, Appeal and Supreme. 
  3. Well experienced with criminal cases, along with very command of various laws in Egypt and Oman.


1- Arabic: Mother tongue.
2- English: Good at English; both spoken and written.

Computer Literacy:

  1. Good command of computer software (windows and office package, and able to deal with different kinds of programs and file formats.
  2. Making use of internet in my work and keeping myself acquainted with any updates in laws and regulations.


  • Reading, especially in the legal field.
  • Browsing internet in different fields, especially the legal field.
  • Travel.