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Profile of El Khidir El Badri

Senior Lawyer & Legal Consultant  

After graduating from Cairo University in 1985 with L.L.B Degree in Law (grade good) E.E. joined the chambers of an eminent lawyer in Khartoum, to do his professional training. This provided him additional practical skills as well as a particular knowledge of Arab laws and litigation procedure before all courts. He subsequently practiced law in the Sudan.

In 1993, he was appointed as lawyer and Legal Consultant in Dr. Abdullah Al Saidi & Partners, Sultanate of Oman. He was able to develop and enlarge the practice and to enhance the standing of the office as it became one of the leading law firms in Oman representing several major local and foreign entities.

His excellent knowledge of Arab, English and other laws and legal concepts, as well as being fully conversant with both the English and Arabic languages, coupled with his vast legal experience, he continued his outstanding performance and achievements in Oman, thus enhancing further the already high fame of the said law firm as a whole.

In late 2008, Mr. El Khidir resigned from Dr. Abdullah Al Saidi & Partners law firm and joined Hamad Al Sharji, Peter Mansour & Co.

During his practice in Oman, Mr. El Khidir worked as a legal advisor for some of the leading organizations and companies ; e.g Oman Housing Bank, Sultan Center, Shedi hotel co., Genetco, Faire Trade, and he acted as an arbitrator appointed by the Ministry of Tourism and acted as an external advisor for the Ministry of Finance and represented OHB in a case before the High Court in London and the High Court in Singapore, and represented other Omani clients in reviewing and negotiations pertaining to contracts in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and UAE.

Mr. Badri is maintaining very good contacts with law firms in UK, South Africa, Singapore, Sudan and other African countries and he is very familiar with Latin and Anglo-Saxon laws.