Hamad Al Sharji



Having graduated in 1977 from Cairo University with L.L.B Degree in Law, Hamad Al Sharji returned to his country Oman and was offered in early 1978 the important post as the Head of the Secretariat of the Commercial Court in Muscat.  This was a challenging position and in particular at that early stage in the development of the commercial judicial system in Oman.

As the Head of the Secretariat of the said Court, he headed the expatriate legal team of   legal researchers, attended all Court hearings, and tendered legal advice to the President of the Commercial Court and to the appointed Court members.

In appreciation for his dedication and superb services, Royal Decree No. 45/87 was promulgated on June 16, 1987 appointing Hamad Al Sharji as Deputy President of the Commercial Court and thus he became the Presiding Judge of the three Courts of First  Instance which each comprised two other expatriate eminent judges.

On February 17, 1991 he was appointed as the President of the Commercial Court by virtue of Royal Decree No. 17/91 and thus became responsible for the overall functions of the Court in addition to his important judicial role.

As the President of the Commercial Court, Hamad Al Sharji presided over the Commercial Appeal Division as well as the Income Tax Appeal Court and was instrumental in drafting important several laws which were promulgated by Royal Decrees including Oman Arbitration Law No. 47/97. He also presides as the umpire and co-arbitrator in several arbitration proceedings. Hamad Al Sharji is a member of the London Court of International Arbitration ( http://www.lcia.org/) and the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris ( http://www.iccwbo.org/).

At the end of June 1998, and after continuous service extending for over twenty years at the Commercial Court, Hamad Al – Sharji retired to pursue a successful career as a member of the legal profession in order to put to use his wide legal experience to the benefit of his clients.


Hamad Al Sharji
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