Mr. Kamal Habib Rizkallah

In Memory of

Mr. Kamal Habib Rizkallah


Mr. Kamal Habib Rizkallah



It is with deep sadness and sorrow, the family of Hamad Al-Sharji , Peter Mansour & Co. and their lawyers are mourning the loss of their colleague Mr. Kamal Habib Rizkallah, a lawyer before the Supreme Court. Asking the Almighty to protect the deceased in his mercy and to inspire his family and his family patience .

It was decided that a service will be held at the headquarters of the Egyptian Community Club in Al-Khuwair in front of Center Point in Al-Khuwair at 8 pm on Sunday 13/5/2018

Hamad Al-Sharji Office, Peter Mansour & Co.


Phone: 24780333 Fax: 24792444

We belong to God and to Him we shall return


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