Mr. Hamad Al Sharji, Senior Partner of HP Solutions (

March 3, 2018

Has this day contacted all parties involved with yet another win in the Arbitration arena. He has passed on his congratulations and best wishes to all parties with regards to this.


“I am truly grateful and send all my best wishes to our very productive and professional team. It has made me most proud at what these dedicated people have accomplished.

At this time, I feel that we have without doubt a great team This is also for all our other advisers and technicians to make all of this possible.”

Hamad Al Sharji





About Mr. Hamad Al Sharji :

Royal Decree No. 45/87 was promulgated on June 16, 1987 appointing Hamad Al Sharji as Deputy President of the Commercial Court and thus he became the Presiding Judge of the three Courts of First  Instance which each comprised two other expatriate eminent judges.

On February 17, 1991 he was appointed as the President of the Commercial Court by virtue of Royal Decree No. 17/91 and thus became responsible for the overall functions of the Court in addition to his important judicial role.

As the President of the Commercial Court, Hamad Al Sharji presided over the Commercial Appeal Division as well as the Income Tax Appeal Court and was instrumental in drafting important several laws which were promulgated by Royal Decrees including Oman Arbitration Law No. 47/97.

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